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On every bottle, you will see our Pledge of Integrity because at Country Life,
Integrity is our number 1 ingredient. We do this because you deserve high-quality
nutrition, specifically crafted with the high quality standards to support your health.

To guarantee our products are consistently of the highest quality, we ensure that we operate a NSF-GMP compliant and USDA Organic certified manufacturing facility, and that all of our products fulfill our pledge of integrity, achieving the five core integrity standards:

Authenticity of ingredients. We always uses a pure form of each ingredient and all our ingredients are laboratory tested to ensure accurate identification so you can be assured we use real, authentic ingredients.

Cleanliness of ingredients. Ensuring our ingredients are free of pathogens, and completely clean is a top concern. Our manufacturing facility was one of the first NSF registered GMP facilities in the industry and maintains strict quality control towards this end. We also ensure every one of our products are certified gluten-free.

Freshness of ingredients. Because we manufacture our own products, our products go from tested raw material, to manufactured good, to bottled and packaged products immediately so you can be assured of product potency throughout its shelf life.

Consistency of the formula. Our manufacturing plant is NSF-GMP certified to ensure the best, consistent product formulations, with quality inspection at each stage of manufacturing to ensure our products remain uniform from batch to batch so you know it works the same each dose, but as we use natural ingredients, color variations may exist from batch to batch.

Accuracy of labeling. We always ensure that if an ingredient appears on our supplement facts label, it’s in our product in the exact ratios and potency that our label says. We also ensure that if a product contains any known allergens, the label says so. No surprises.

We ensure our products meet these standards, because we care about your health. We believe that, in every product we make for you, integrity should always be our number one ingredient. Treat yourself to great health with Country Life.


Country Life is a leader and authority in natural health and in 2011, we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Our internationally popular, top selling products include a broad and deep offering of natural supplements and beauty care including full lines of Certified Gluten Free vitamins, mineral supplements, fish oils, specialty products, and more. The Company operates NSF GMP compliant manufacturing and distribution facilities for our brands which include Country Life Vitamins, Desert Essence, Biochem Sports and Iron-Tek. A commitment to strict and current Quality Control protocols ensures fresh product and reliable label claims.


1971 Country Life was founded 40 years ago.
1992 Country Life acquired Desert Essence in and continues to expand into new beauty catagories with natural ingredients sourced globally
1994 Influential in the passing of DSHEA legislation
1997 Biochem Sports line was introduced
1998 Opened manufacturing facility in Hauppauge, New York
1999 Iron-tek was acquired
1999 Country Life was one of the first to receive the NNFA GMP certification
2008 Country Life became the first supplement company to be certified gluten-free
2011 Country Life became one of the largest vitamin and supplement companies to receive NSF GMP certification for our manufacturing and distribution facilities


Country Life Vitamins

A full line of Certified Gluten-Free vitamin and mineral supplements, amino acids, fish oils, specialty products, and more made with high quality, natural ingredients. Packaged in the traditional amber glass for maximum protection from heat and light.

Desert Essence

At Desert Essence, we believe in renewal - for your body mind and spirit. We offer a full range of authentic beauty care collections based on natural botanicals. Our product line up includes body wash, body care, face care, hair care, deodorant and dental care.


A full line of natural sports and fitness products for the active consumer composed of great tasting natural 100% Whey Protein powders including Vegan and raw foods. All of our 100% Whey Protein powders are certified hormone-free.


A full line of nutritional protein powders and supplements to support an athlete's active workout and a body builder's state of mind.


What is Gluten Free?

Over 15 million people follow a gluten-free diet according to the Gluten-Free Certified Organization (GFCO). More than 2 million require a gluten-free diet for life due to celiac disease, an immune disease that damages the small intestine. Others who may be following a gluten-free diet for personal or health related issues.

A gluten-free diet requires the complete removal of the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, and hybrids of these grains, such as spelt, Kamut, and triticale.

For some people, the gluten-free diet is medically required. For other, they follow this diet because they have gluten sensitivity.

Why be Gluten Free?

Choosing the Right Certified Gluten-Free Supplements

When choosing a supplement, know that Country Life® Vitamins is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). This includes certification of their manufacturing facilities as well as their full lines of vitamins, mineral supplements, fish oils, specialty products, protein powders, and more.

The GFCO is a non-profit organization that is a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group® (GIG), which tests and inspects products for gluten. GIG is a non-profit that is widely recognized as a leader in gluten-free education and support. All Country Life® products have been certified by the GFCO as gluten-free.

Supplementing Improves Nutritional Status:
Choose Country Life® Vitamins

Using high quality vitamin and mineral supplements will improve the quality of the diet for people following a gluten free diet. Especially important are supplements for folate, magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamin D. A general B-complex is also helpful in most cases.


What does it Mean to Be Vegan/Vegetarian?

We are proud that over half of Country Life's products are either certified vegetarian or certified vegan by the American Vegetarian Association. This means that for our certified vegetarian products, they do not contain meat, poultry or fish. For our certified vegan products, not only are they vegetarian, but also there are no animal byproducts, including dairy, honey or eggs in these products.

Why be Vegan/Vegetarian?

Many people choose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle for health, environmental, and/or ethical reasons.

Who is Vegan/Vegetarian?

According to a recent poll conducted by the Vegetarian Resource Group*, approximately 3% of U.S. adults are vegetarian and roughly 1% are vegan.

However, many people in the U.S. may incorporate the vegetarian lifestyle in some way into their daily regimen without fully adopting the lifestyle. For example, preferring to take vegetarian or vegan vitamins and supplements.

As with all Country Life Products, all of our vegetarian and vegan products are Certified Gluten-Free.

For more information, please got to amerveg.com.

*Poll conducted nationwide by the Vegetarian Resource Group amongst 2,397 adults.


New Leaf Paper

Country Life uses New Leaf Paper for our promotional materials. We are committed to the philosophy of New Leaf to using the highest percentages possible of recycled and sustainably harvested fibers, as well as creating paper without the use of toxic chemicals.

The Environmental Paper Network (EPN), a non-profit that represents over 100 organizations in the pulp and paper industry, defines Environmentally Superior paper as paper that meets the following criteria:

  1. Minimum of 50% of post-consumer recycled waste (PCW) (New Leaf averages over 50% PCW across all of our products, some are 100% PCW)
  2. Virgin fiber that has no controlled wood content or controversial sources (All New Leaf products are FSC certified and/or Ancient Forest Friendly)
  3. Processed Chlorine Free (PCF) (All our uncoated papers are PCF, and the rest of our products are either PCF or Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)

New Leaf paper qualifies as "Environmentally Superior Paper" according to the standards set by the EPN.

New Leaf Paper was founded in 1998 with the mission of leading a shift toward sustainability in the paper industry. They also led the paper industry in quantifying the benefits of using post-consumer recycled fiber, with the New Leaf Paper Eco Audit.

As an example, by using post-consumer recycled fiber box packaging from New Leaf, we save the following resources, and show this Eco Audit statement on each one of our New Leaf boxes.

All of our materials printed on New Leaf contain an environmental benefits statement similar to the one above that highlights the resources we save.

For more information, please go to newleafpaper.com.

Wind Power

Renewable Choice Energy

For years, Country Life has participated in the Renewable Choice Energy program by purchasing wind energy credits to offset 100% of our electricity use in the United States.

By participating in this program, Country Life is helping to:

How It Works

As an operating manufacturer, Country Life naturally uses electricity from the national power grid and uses the same mix of energy as everybody else. So, we purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to 100% offset our electricity use by helping to fund wind power. By participating in this program, Country Life ensures that the electricity we use from the grid is replaced back to the overall energy grid with renewable energy, which makes the energy mix cleaner for everyone.

A REC is an environmental commodity that is valued by the environmental benefits and cost of renewable energy. These costs are greater than traditional ways of creating energy such as burning fossil fuels. The proceeds from the RECs assist wind farms and other renewable energy sources to be financially successful, therefore incenting growth in renewable energy overall. Country Life purchases RECs that are equivalent to the amount of electricity that we use. In 2011, we purchased approximately 2.5 million kilowatts of RECs, which helps to save over 2.9 million pounds of CO2.

For more information, please go to renewablechoice.com.


At Country Life, we manufacture the vast majority of our products and we are happy to announce that we have just become an NSF GMP Registered facility – one of the largest supplement companies certified by NSF. We were also the first supplement company to be certified Gluten-Free by the GFCO. What does this mean to you?

It means that when you choose any of the over 500 products we offer, you can feel confident that tight quality controls are in place so that you are getting the product value you deserve…And you can be assured that allergen reporting on our label is accurate for your protection.

Country Life has been a leader for over 40 years. You have our word and the word of our certifiers that we are all we say we are. Experience our quality today and everyday.

For more information, please got to nsf.org


We're proud to be certified as a Good Manufacturing Practices company by NSF International and the Natural Products Association, which means that we follow strict guidelines to ensure that our products are safe, pure, and effective. All of our products are also certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. In addition, over 100 of our products are certified vegetarian or vegan by the American Vegetarian Association, and many of our products are kosher. All these credentials guarantee that Country Life's vitamins and supplements are of the highest quality and made with the greatest care.

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